ASP - Kitoko Purifying Cleanser

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ASP - Kitoko Purifying Cleanser

ASP - Kitoko Purifying Cleanser  
Kitoko Advanced Hair Therapy products are completely free from sulphates, parabens, waxes or mineral oils, making them as kind and gentle as possible to both your hair and skin.

Kitoko Purifying Cleanser contains Mahogany Wood, Green Tea, Fire Tulip, Karite, Vitamins A & E and NMF to ensure a thorough detox of product build-up. This special product is designed to be gentle whilst at the same time removes all impurities and all adverse signs of product build up and leaves the hair soft & manageable. Colour safe formula.

Specifically designed to repair daily damage caused by pollution, chemicals, climate and damaging UV rays that can cause your hair to break, decrease hair's elasticity, resilience and suppleness.

Product Features:
• Removes impurities and product build-up
• Designed to gently detoxify
• Leaves hair soft and manageable
• Purifying cleanser
• Ultra-gentle, sulphate-free formula

How to use:
Massage gently into wet hair, lather well and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Follow with a complementary Kitoko product or treatment.
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product shown: ASP - Kitoko Purifying Cleanser