ASP - Kitoko Dandruff Control Cleanser

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ASP - Kitoko Dandruff Control Cleanser

ASP - Kitoko Dandruff Control Cleanser  
Kitoko Dandruff Control Cleanser is an ultra-gentle formula that contains African Pepper, Green Tea, Karite, Fire Tulip, Climbazole & other natural ingredients that work to remove dandruff, impurities and eliminates bacteria whilst soothing the scalp at the same time. This dandruff control shampoo helps reduce skin irritation and inflammation.

* The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action helps to prevent any further irritation to the scalp.

* Colour safe formula.

* Specifically designed to repair daily damage caused by pollution, chemicals, climate and damaging UV rays that can cause your hair to break, decrease hair's elasticity, resilience and suppleness.

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Actively soothes and reduces skin irritation and inflammation, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, leaves hair soft and manageable, removes dandruff impurities, ultra-gentle, sulphate-free formula.

Massage gently into wet hair, lather well and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Follow using the complementary Kitoko Dandruff Control Balm.
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