Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Detangler

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Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Detangler

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Detangler  
Big Sexy hair Volumizing Detangler is the multi-function spray that lets your brush glide through those strands with ease! Not only does it detangle without adding any weight to your hair, it also helps to eliminate static electricity and adds volume to your style like the rest of the 'Big' range of sexy products - so you can be sure of having more boost than a formula one car only twice as smooth!

* Helps prevent static electricity.
* Detangles hair.
* Provides weightless body.

Use after shampooing, apply to damp hair and comb through to remove tangles and give your hair a sexy-fresh aroma!
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alt textBig Sexy hair is a product line created to take hair to its maximum fullness.

Sexy Hair products is designed to improve and maintain the hair’s moisture balance while producing voluptuous body. Big Sexy Hair is targeted more at women than men, but this line works well for anyone who wants extra volume and thickness to their hair.

What’s great about Big Sexy Hair is that it fits into the current, younger trend of “Big Hair” and it also appeals to the Baby Boomers who have fine, thin hair.
product shown: Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Detangler