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Curly Sexy Hair Products… For Those In Need Of A Bit Of Bounce

Posted on : 14-09-2012 | By : scblogmaker | In : Hair Care Products, Hair Conditioners, Hair Shampoos, Hair Styling & Finishing

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If your curls are getting lazy, it’s time to pep them up with Curly Sexy Hair products. Enhance your curls and get the bounce you want with Curly Sexy Hair’s unique ingredients combination, that provides flexible hold, maintains moisture and locks out humidity for soft, touchable hair.

The products in this range are…

Curly Sexy Hair Curl Power
This adds extra oomf to curl-lightweights, for the fine-to-medium hair category many other curl products tend to forget. The aerated foam contains extra magnesium sulphate for curl support, and new curling properties to support limp waves and make curls even curlier, whilst also reducing dry hair and frizz.

Curly Sexy Hair Curl Reactivator
For beautifully curly and bouncy hair, Sexy Hair introduces Curly Sexy Hair Curl Reactivator. What Red Bull does to energy levels, this spray does to hair – instantly refreshing and uplifting, and polishing limp, tired curls with bounce, shine and definition. The result is ready-in-a-moment, irresistible curls that will last all day.

Curly Sexy Hair Curling Creme
This is specifically created for Curls of All Kinds. Are you seeking extra heavyweight curl management? Ideal for controlling medium-thick hair, it defines your curls and waves, fights frizz and also adds hold to unmanageable curls. Leaving your hair soft and touchable. Resists humidity.

Curly Sexy Hair Detangler
This product is specifically designed for Curls of All Kinds. A lightweight leave-in hair conditioner that immediately dettangles curly hair without adding extra weight. With moisture and protein, it gives protection and softness, so that your hair is smoother and more tangle-free. And the styling support helps uplift, hold and shape. Resists humidity.

Curly Sexy Hair Full On Curls Volumizing & Texturizing Styler
Make the curls you want and give them extra support with this unique creme styler. This versatile product gives your curls two different looks depending on how you use it. On damp hair, it gives your curls extra definition, frizz control and bounce. On dry hair, it gives loads of volume and bounce.

Curly Sexy Hair Liquid Curling Gel
Revs up your curls as you style them, providing extra support to shape your curls, adds bounce, and controls the frizz. Delivering flexible hold whilst increasing volume and providing curl memory.

Curly Sexy Hair Moisturising Conditioner
Specifically designed for Curls of All Kinds. This Curly formula makes your hair curly and retains its curly style. It’s a curls best friend. ┬áThe more-moisture, more-protein, more frizz-taming conditioner puts bounce in every ounce. It reduces dullness and fluffiness whilst adding softness, shine, shape and easy-curl smoothness to your lucsious locks.

Curly Sexy Hair Moisturising Shampoo
If your curls are getting lazy, it’s time to pep them up with Curly Sexy Hair Shampoo. Make the most of your curls and get the bounce you require with Curly Sexy Hair’s unique ingredients combinations, providing flexible hold, maintaining moisture and locking out humidity for soft, touchable hair. This is specifically made to gently cleanse and strengthen your curly hair whilst styling properties enhance, shape and define the your curls.

Looking for some proper bounce for your curly hair… need the expertise and quality of a premium brand hair care range… you can find Curly Sexy Hair Products at Salon Collective.

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