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Indola: Advanced haircare for your beautifully healthy hair…

Posted on : 11-11-2012 | By : scblogmaker | In : Hair Care Products, Hair Styling & Finishing

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Indola: Advanced haircare for your beautifully healthy hair…

Indola‘s collection of hair care products feature the most up to date advanced formulas and potent ingredients needed to tackle all the hair care issues you encounter every day. Every product has been developed to be effective every time with clear colour coding for easy use and generous sizes for great value, every time.

Take your hair style to the next level…

Indola’s hair styling range gives you unprecedented performance every time. With pioneering formulas and iconic new hair heroes, every product helps you to unleash a creative force greater than ever before. With more power to shape, texturise, boost, hold and control your hair – the only limit is your imagination.

The Indola Innova Repair range – says goodbye to damaged hair!
Tackle each hair strand from the roots with the Indola Innova Repair Range. Formulated with Keratin that treats the 3 dimensions of hair therefore boosting strength to promote lasting shine.

The Indola Innova Color range
Coloured Hair Fans – You know that colour can fade – so help preserve your hair colour with Indola’s advanced UV filters and precious gemstone extract to reflect light and enhance radiance within your hair. Indola Innova Color has been made to protect your hair from damage from the sun and to preserve colour intensity and condition, it also restores elasticity and helps your hair colour to remain fabulous even after 30 washes!

The Indola Innova Hydrate range
Even when the weather is miserable and wet your hair could still do with some hydration! Indola Innova Hydrate hair shampoos, hair conditioners and hair treatments are infused with natural ingredients like moisturising bamboo milk that will restore the natural moisture balance to your hair and help you rediscover your hair’s strength and natural bounce.

Indola Profession Color Mousses
It’s easy… Ready to apply leave-in foam hair colours that styles in one easy step process for instant hair colour results. Colours, Styles and conditions in one – how good is that? These can be used in minutes and easily be left on the surface of the hair for temporary hair colour that can be washed out easily.

Use the mousse to:
- Enhance your natural hair colour
- Refresh your hair colour between colouring appointments
- Experiment with a new colour – that you can wash out
- Pre pigment porous and lightened hair

Indola Innova hair styling products have re-energized its ‘power performance’ styling range to capture the essence of this fun and funky hair care line, with new, contemporary packaging and graphics reflecting the vibrancy that is Indola Innova Styling range.

The Indola Innova styling range represents Indola’s essential styling and care products which are designed to deliver the best in modern hair design, whether it be the sleek and polished look of Innova Smooth, or the more ‘urban cool’ cultrue of Innova Texture.

There is a styling product for every hair type and every style that you wish to create.

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