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Clynol Hair Products… First Class Care For Colour & Non-Coloured Hair

Posted on : 16-09-2012 | By : scblogmaker | In : Hair Care Products, Hair Conditioners, Hair Shampoos, Hair Styling & Finishing

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When it comes to hair styling and haircare, get your hands on hair products that perform first time every time.

Here’s the list of Clynol haircare must-haves, each one has a memorable name…

Clynol Colour & Care
Clynol have created an indispensable range of  hair care products especially to care for your hair colour. There’s a stunning liquid jewel extract that injects scintillating new life and diamond shine into every hair strand, keeping your hair colour fabulous for up to 30 washes. It also incorporatyes a UV filter that works to protect and condition your hair and prevent every day fading of your hair shade.

Clynol Enrich Colour Shampoo
You know it makes sense to preserve your precious hair colour. If you love A-list colour you’ll want to know about the liquid jewel extract that boosts shine for a serious red-carpet look that lasts and lasts. The UV filters always work to bounce back the sun’s harsh glare and protect your rich hair tones from fading. And it’s not just your hair colour that gets protection – the delicate structure of each and every strand gets an easy ride even after 30 washes, thanks to gentle, powerfully strengthening Keratin.

Clynol Reflex Silver Shampoo
When your hair colour fades, your confidence sometimes goes with it. So Clynol know that keeping colour fresh and vibrant between salon visits is No.1 on your list. Blondes, silvery greys and white hair shades need to stay fresh and cool – yellowing of your hair just looks so tired. Clynol use a violet colour pigment to enhance cool shades of silver and purify the white gold shine. UV filters hold back harsh sunlight so that your hair shines. Keratin protects and moringa oleifera seed extract gently nourishes deep down.

Clynol Restore Colour Conditioner
If your hair has been colour treated then it doesn’t have to be high maintenance when you’ve got a conditioner that knows how to make the most of every coloured hair strand. Your long-lasting colour stays salon perfect for as long as 30 washes when you use this brilliant conditioner. With nature’s apricot kernel oil being deeply nourishing, an enriching ingredient that protects your hair from colour damage and smoothes the shaft of each strand of hair for a  shining finish. With UV filters to protect against colour-bleaching sunlight and suddenly you’ve got the perfect after-shampoo hair conditioner.

Clynol Enhance Leave-In Treatment
You can breathe life back into your damaged hair and breathe a sigh of relief!  You can now put back natural moisture and suppleness that hair styling takes out of it, and lock in your precious colour vibrancy – it’s truly amazing. This deep nourishing treatment contains a unique liquid jewel extract that guarantees your coloured hair outshines even the most dazzling of your accessories. Keratin and apricot restore and rebuild each hair strand and the protective UV filter retains damaging sunlight to give your vulnerable hair a chance to heal. And all this time, even after 30 washes, your hair colour stays true.

Clynol Moisture
You know that the body is made up of 70% water, you need hydration to go to your head, for smooth, silky shine, volume and bounce. You can turn straw like hair into sleek and dull hair into divine, Clynol have created the definitive Moisture hair care range to breathe life-giving moisture into dry, parched hair. With rich bamboo milk in every luxury formulation, the transformation is instant and the results are a modern miracle.

Clynol Hydrate Moisture Shampoo
Moisture shampoo for curly or straight, long and short hair. To boost the gleam in your hair, the trick is to dial up the moisture and win the battle against dull, dry and brittle, spiky hair ends. You know when your hair craves hydration, so offer your hair some refreshment in the form of nature’s own bamboo milk. You will be shampooing in a long tall drink of thirst-quenching nourishment. Sweet almond oil boosts moisture as it cleans, giving protective strength and turning up the shine to the max.

Clynol Dream Bi-Phase Conditioner
When your hair is really thirsty, it can start to behave badly. The signs are – unruly, unmanageable and limp. But your dry hair cheers up if you offer it a thirst-quenching cocktail. In Clynol’s bi-phase conditioner, the ingredient double act that’s the hero is wheat protein and bamboo milk. Together they nurture every hair on your head, pouring in moisture, smoothing out all the pesky knots, and generally teasing every last strand for its best behaviour. Your reward for all that replenishing hard work is super shine, lasting hydration and glossy manageability for your thirsty hair.

Clynol Charm Lightweight Treatment
How often do you wish you could wave a magic wand to solve all your hair problems in one go? This feather-light  treatment casts a magical spell on dull, dry, thirsty hair, and restores lost moisture in the blink of an eye. Wave goodbye to limp, lifeless hair for good and when you see the results, you’ll definitely believe in magic! With rejuvenating bamboo milk that is nature’s active miracle worker, it works on a deep level to drench each strand of hair with healing moisture. It’s a simpleand convenient once a week hair treatment that will truly rehydrate, to reveal hair that visibly recovers its lost bounce, vitality and gloss.

Clynol Repair
Look at Clynol’s intensive Repair hair care range, with amazing liquid keratin it works to rehabilitate the most extreme case because there’s no such thing as beyond repair for hair. From everyday wear and tear to treatments for specific hair conditions – all can be forgiven to restore, repair, revive and renew your beautiful hair.

Clynol Revive Repair Shampoo
When you need to be rescued from the dull, brittle effects of dry hair, isn’t it good to know that a little time at the sink with this brilliant strand saving repair shampoo will soon get your hair back to its gorgeous roots. Clynol has added a little bit of magic in the ingredients – an incredible 3-dimensional system that supports the cuticles, fibres and basic structure as it cleans your hair. All dirt and grime is gently removed, tangles are easily released without any harm to the hair that lies beneath. You too can have shiny, rehydrated hair that behaves just as it should feeling satin soft and silky smooth to the touch.

Clynol Recovery Repair Conditioner
This conditioner is designed to be even more effective after washing with Clynol’s repair shampoo, this nourishing conditioner is a care and repair megastar – loaded with ingredients that every moisture-starved hair strand is craves. Moisture, elasticity, shine and strength are fed in through the surface of the hair and sealed in. So troublesome tangles simply fall away and shimmering good health shines out.

Clynol Remedy Leave-in Instant Keratin Filler
This is a real little miracle worker – a wonder serum that’s the instant answer to your damaged hair prayers. 1 quick and easy application is all it takes to dramatically transform wounded, unhappy hair into fabulous soft, smooth and silky tresses. The leave-in formula strengthens each hair strand reducing breakage by up to 95%. The end result is always super light and healthy-looking hair.

Clynol Rescue Repair Treatment
Have you got a hair emergency. Luckily, this little marvel will sort your hair out – it’s a concentration of ultra-effective ingredients, based on our revolutionary 3-dimensional care and repair complex. 5-10 minutes is all that you need after towel-drying your shampooed hair and a hair miracle takes place! Every strand of hair gets the kind of support they require whilst a magical mix of hair superfoods get to work from root to tip. Softness, shine and not a tangle to be seen in minutes.

Clynol Caress Split Ends Serum
Clynol’s intensively nourishing little gem is called ‘caress’ for a very good reason – when only a little TLC will do and your hair could do with a good pampering treat then there’s nothing better than to look to nature – with indulgent macadamia oil combined with olive, sweet almond, apricot kernel, marula, sesame and argan oils they all make up a magnificent 7 of natural ingredients to heal and seal bad-tempered hair ends that are determined to fray and split. When they’re locked and sealed, your hair is left as smoothe as glass with a mirrorlike shine.

Clynol Styling
Arm yourself with Clynol’s full range of styling hair care essentials and get ready to feel the creative force. From setting wet or dry hair and/or adding texture for interest for a finishing flourish that will last and last – Clynol’s collection has all the bases covered.

Clynol Move Flexible Mousse
When your style is natural but you would love a bit of volume a hair mousse is a winner. But don’t let the natural level of hold make you think it doesn’t have what it takes to put up a good fight against heat damage or seal in your moisture. Set your hairdryer on high and you still can’t harm a hair when the right defences are in place.  This is a fabulous everyday hair styling mousse that does an effortlessly great job with the minimum of fuss. For a great hair style, great shape and flexible hold.

Clynol Massive Volume & Restructure Spray
When you’re talking ‘structure’ then volume’s a must-have to create a style impact and frame a face that’s camera-ready. But can a hair spray really volumise we hear you ask? Well yes. A lot of hair styling often means a lot of heat and to protect hair from loosing moisture as you blast away with a hair dryer, then this mousse has everything to put the defences in place. Hair gets big but moisture stays put and so does your shine.

Clynol Flatter Thermal Protector Spray
Your very own liquid heat protection is designed to shield every precious hair strand from damage. Every time you style with hot irons and tongs you can put a defensive mask in place to defend your hair as you style (not fry). With specialist ingredients which stay stable even when you turn up the heat to 200 °C. Plus hydrating silk extract,  for unbelievable humidity resistance, and every hair style remains frizz-free, silky smooth and super shiny for so much longer.

Clynol Thicken Hair-Thickening Elixir
If you don’t feel fine about your fine, limp hair, this is all you need to give your hair a lift. Lots of weightless body starts right at the roots where it really counts, and builds from there. With visibly thicker bounce this all-in-one body-building product that turns volume to the max and makes every head of hair looks full of life and lustre. Super-strength for hold and plumping are the magic ingredients at work here and all without weighing down a single hair on your head – you won’t feel a thing other than amazing.

Clynol Fibreform Fibre Gum
When you need a more than a mousse, a gel or a spray, imagine having a hair gum that gives you maximum texture without compromising on truly gorgeous, super classy gloss. You can work up shape and form and just keep working it until you get the textured look you are after – all with incredible shine thanks to a high content of pliable carnauba wax . It is just so easy-going it lets you do whatever you want enabling you to get the style right and the shine bright.

Clynol Powder Punch Volumising Powder
This styling powder that is the stuff of fairy tales – the closest thing to a good sprinkling of fairy dust.  Just shake a little of the  powder into your dry hair to add unbelievable volume in seconds and lift your hair right from the roots. Great for re-vamping a look that’s gone limp or for changing one from daytime to night time, and it’s as versatile and re-mouldable as a wax with a spell-binding matt finish.

Clynol Animator Strong Hold Pump Spray
You want a no-holds-barred look that is destined not to budge until you force it, this non-aerosol spray is something to be reckoned with! It has a superfine mist that could fool you into thinking you’re using a lightweight – but get ready for a pump-action, supercharged performance and residue-free finish that shouts out style and shine at the top of its voice. For a  sculpted finish is held right there, caught in the present until it’s freed. You are in control of your hair style so there’s no finer way to take charge.

Clynol Free Flow Flexible Hairspray
Hairspray doesn’t always have to be about big up-do’s. Sometimes you can benefit from natural hold  – maybe a little hold for a neat chignon, or to watch the frizz on your ponytail? If the first sign of dampness makes your style go limp, a little natural hold allows for bounce and body and makes sure humidity doesn’t play a part on a smooth look. And Clynol wouldn’t let you have hold without shine, so spray away for glossy staying power with extra shine.

Clynol Silky Smooth Oil Serum
We promise that frizz won’t get a look in. Silky hardly begins to describe the fabulous glassy effect of this taming wonder – rich macadamia nut oil softens and smoothes every hair strand without weighing it down, gently persuading each and every hair to behave, and making sure that frizz leaves and doesn’t come back. The finish resists humidity all day so that the shine is free to go on and on.

Clynol Hair Products have gained a well deserved reputation in the hair care industry for effective, first class treatments for coloured hair & non-coloured alike. If you truly value your hair and want to keep it in good shape… Clynol Hair Products at Salon Collective.