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At Last A Sulphate-Free Advanced Hair Therapy Range – Kitoko Hair Products

Posted on : 18-09-2012 | By : scblogmaker | In : Hair Care, Hair Care Products, Hair Conditioners, Hair Shampoos

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Now you can reveal the true beauty of your hair with Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy – a luxurious range of highly effective homecare hair treatments, designed to meet and exceed your own hair requirements. Whatever your style, we know you want beautiful, youthful-looking, manageable hair that radiates health and vitality. You are all different and so are your hair and scalp needs.

Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy cleansers are free from the harmful sulphates (Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) contained in most hair shampoos. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and to the health of your hair, skin and eyes. Suphates are used to create lather, they remove dirt and oil from the surface of the hair and scalp, and strip them of their much needed natural lubricants and moisture. Your hair can be left dry and lifeless and the scalp irritated.

Products in the range are:

Kitoko Dandruff Control Balm
Kitoko Dandruff Control Balm is a frequent use conditioner, enhanced with rich natural ingredients that work in harmony to eliminate bacteria and soothe your scalp. This anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action balm also prevents further irritation and inflammation to your scalp, leaving your hair tangle-free, shiny and manageable. Colour safe formula. Specifically designed to repair daily damage caused by pollution, chemicals, climate and damaging UV rays that can cause your hair to break, decrease hair’s elasticity, resilience and suppleness.

Kitoko Dandruff Control Cleanser
This is an ultra-gentle formula that contains natural ingredients that work together to remove dandruff and impurities and eliminates bacteria whilst soothing your scalp at the same time. This dandruff control shampoo aids you to reduce skin irritation and inflammation. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action helps to prevent any further irritation to your scalp. Colour safe formula. “I suffer from eczema and my scalp is always dry and scaly. This shampoo, whilst a little expensive compared to high street shampoos, really does work with no reaction and the bonus is that it smells absolutely gorgeous!”

Kitoko Hydro Revive Balm
This product provides the ultimate in natural hair care, packed with natural ingredients that gives your hair the ultimate replenished and moisturised finish whilst at the same time leaving your hair tangle-free, shiny and manageable. Color safe formula.

Kitoko Hydro Revive Cleanser
This product is the ultimate in natural hair care, created using natural ingredients that help to remove impurities. Hydro Revive cleansers are free from Sulphate’s making this an ultra-gentle cleanser that leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable. Colour safe formula. “This shampoo is great, it foams up lovely and feels like you really have got all the dirt and grime out your hair. Not a lot is needed and it works great with the conditioner”

Kitoko Nutri Restore Balm
This is a frequent use hair conditioner, rich in natural ingredients that contains ingredients that work to strengthen and nourish your hair. This luxury balm leaves hair soft, manageable and de-tangled. Colour safe formula. “I really love this product – it smells wonderful, is easy to apply and leaves my hair feeling soft but full bodied. Excellent!”

Kitoko Nutri Restore Cleanser
This hair shampoo has been created to strengthen and rejuvenate chemically treated, damaged and fragile hair caused by everyday build-up. Using natural plant extracts that combine to remove all impurities from your hair and restore nutrients whilst at the same time leaving your hair strengthened, soft and manageable. Colour safe formula.

Kitoko Oil Treatment
This is an indulgent blend of Karité and Argan oils, richer in antioxidants, Omega oils, and Vitamins A and E than other oils. This sensory oil treatment is perfectly balanced for the hair and scalp, resulting in incredible absorption and rapid penetration without adding weight to your hair. Essential fatty acids nourish the hair from within to stimulate incredible condition, elasticity and shine.

Kitoko Oil Treatment will not only revive tired hair, but will help neutralise free-radicals and protect the hair from environmental and chemical damage. “I have tried lots of different hair oils – this is the best one! Its light, makes your hair feel fabulous, cuts down on blowdrying and makes you feel like a total diva. Perfect.” “Kitoko is brilliant. A lot thinner than Moroccan oil and smells lovely, a little bit goes a long way! It is defiantly worth it.”

Kitoko Purifying Cleanser
This hair shampoo contains natural ingredients to ensure a thorough detox of product build-up in the hair. This special shampoo is designed to be gentle whilst at the same time removing all impurities and all adverse signs of product build up and leaves your hair soft and manageable. Colour safe formula.

Kitoko Sun-Defence UV Spray
This spray provides light-weight, invisible protection from sun exposure. This leave-in treatment has been blended with natural plant extracts and UV filters that work in harmony to protect your hair that may be exposed to extreme sunlight and halts free-radical damage. Colour safe formula.

Kitoko Volume Enhance Cleanser
This hair shampoo is an ultra-gentle, sulphate free shampoo that contains natural plant extracts that remove impurities and add body to the hair. Volume enhance cleanser leaves your hair refreshed, manageable, silky and reduces static making this perfect for your fine hair or hair that is lacking body. Colour safe formula.

Kitoko Volume Enhance Active Treatment
This is a weightless mousse formulation, enhanced with ingredients to give your hair a boost of body and reduce static build up, whilst leaving your hair smooth, de-tangled and in control.

Kitoko Volume Enhance Leave In Treatment
This is a frequent-use, leave in hair conditioning spray. This luxurious conditioning treatment contains natural ingredients that leaves your hair re-vitalised, beautifully silky and manageable. Natural plant extracts work to reduce static and adds volume and body to your limp, lifeless & fine hair.

Kitoko™ Advanced Hair Therapy brings you the very best in absolute quality homecare hair treatments. Be kind to your hair and treat ti with the sulphate-free Kitoko hair products at Salon Collective.