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Short Sexy Hair Products… Spot On For Creating Casual, Funky Hair Styles

Posted on : 14-09-2012 | By : scblogmaker | In : Hair Care Products, Hair Conditioners, Hair Shampoos, Hair Styling & Finishing

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Short Sexy Hair is a range of hair care products aimed specifically for short hair styles and is ideal for creating casual styles and funky weekend looks. Sexy Hair products all have dual uses, save time, and are easy to use. Short Sexy Hair is especially popular with men and for women who like to keep their hair short. Short hair styles are always current so this line of hair styling products will always be in demand. These products fit very well into the 18-40 age group but also extends out very well into the funky modern younger and older markets.

The range includes:

Short Sexy Hair Blow It Up Gel Foam
Giving weightless volume. Supporting roots and hair ends. With a free-flowing movement. Giving a medium hold that’s never stiff or sticky.

Short Sexy Hair Clean Slate Daily Cleansing Shampoo
It gently cleanses to lift pollutants and product build up without compromising the health of your hair. Adding moisture to the hair. Great for everyday use and for us on colour-treated hair. Aroma: Fresh mint and orange with a a touch of sandalwood.

Short Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax
Enabling you the control to create any hair style you can think of. Delivering great hold with unlimited potential. Offers you ultimate control and definition. Create strong shapes. Offers an all-day firm hold.

Short Sexy Hair Cool Factor Daily Refreshing Conditioner
A fortifying, scalp-soothing conditioner that creates thicker, denser, shinier hair. Hydrating and softening your hair. Promoting scalp circulation. This conditioner will not weigh hair down.

Short Sexy Hair Double Header Volume and Texturizing Spray
This is a 2-in-one lightweight spray providing volume and shine. It gives weightless texture without a sticky, heavy product feel. Adding volume and texture. Work it on damp or dry hair. Leaves your hair feeling clean. Aroma: Bamboo Sunflower.

Short Sexy Hair Frenzy Bulked Up Texture
This product bonds to hair and thickens the hair shaft to create fullness and separation. Providing dense texture and bulk.  Adds fullness and volume. Provides you with medium to firm hold. Apply a small amount to your dry hair and style. For a more intense texture, throw your head upside down and work Frenzy vigorously through your hair, creating random bits and pieces.

Short Sexy Hair Hard Up Hard Holding Gel
Sculpts your hair style and holds it all day and night, giving your hair a high shine that won’t flake. Create a dramatic style. Dries fast and never flakes. Provides you with extreme hold and control. Great for all hair types and works really well on coarse, unruly hair.

Short Sexy Hair Hold Out Medium Hold Gel
This product delivers strength, moisture and protection to your hair with a flexible hold. Alcohol-free formula will not flake. Moisturizes and conditions the hair. Provides you with medium hold. Aroma: Green Tea.

Short Sexy Hair Just Gelling Flexible Liquid Gel
We challenge your take on traditional hair gels This unique hair product has been formulated to hold your hair just where you want it without leaving it feeling crispy and brittle! Flake-free formula. Take full control of your style with Short Sexy Hair Just Gelling Flexible Liquid Gel. It is a hard working formula that helps mould your tresses without cementing them!

Short Sexy Hair Piece Out Texturising Pliable Wax Mousse
Blends to your hair with the texture, separation, definition and shine of a wax and with the lasting memory and volume of a mousse, along with the easy to use foam dispenser. Grease-free formula this hair shaper that lets you shape and re-shape your hair style! It adds no weight but gives enough hold to keep your hair where you want it.

Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty
Gives your hair dimension, separation, shine and a medium hold without any sticky mess. It will not build up in your hair. Creates a “second day” look. Provides you with a medium hold factor. No waxy finish, only brilliant shine.

Short Sexy Hair Quick Change Shaping Balm
Create a defined shape – separates with stretchable fibers that allow you to change your hair style as often as you change your mood. Defines and separates your hair. Creates volume. Can be used on all hair types. Work a small amount through damp or dry hair and style.

Short Sexy Hair Rocked Out Molding Clay
It’s great for loads of texture and separation. This product is for short to above-shoulder medium lengths. Short Sexy Hair Rocked Out Molding Clay is extremely light and will not make hair greasy during the day. Very easy to work with and has no sticky residue.

Short Sexy Hair Rough and Ready Styling Gunk
This is a medium hold styling custard that leaves your hair with a rough-and-ready-for-action texture, adding extra dimension, shine, and definition to your short hair. Won’t build up in the hair. Delivers a medium hold factor.

Short Sexy Hair Shatter Separate and Hold
Give your hair extra separation and hold with this unique texture spray that delivers a controlled fine mist that only goes on where you want it to. Enhances shattered, jagged and textured hair styles. Create your own intense separation and direction. Delivers non-sticky dry texture. Gives you all-day hold.

Short Sexy Hair Slept In Texture Creme
Providing a light-weight texture and thickness to your hair for a modern, second day look. Give your hair fullness and enhances natural wave. Conditions your hair while it styles it. Giving you lightweight texture.

Short Sexy Hair What a Body Blow Dry Gel
It increases hair body and shine, bringing life to your limp hair. It can be used as a light sculpting gel to create sleek hair styles. It is an alcohol-free and non-flaking gel. It will enhance body and shine to weak hair. Great for all hair types.

For those people with short hair looking to keep their hair looking cool and funky with great styling products, look for Short Sexy Hair Products at Salon Collective.