Curly Sexy Hair Detangler

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Curly Sexy Hair Detangler

Curly Sexy Hair Detangler  
Curly Sexy Hair is specifically designed for Curls of All Kinds.

A lightweight leave-in conditioner that instantly unsnarls curly hair without adding extra weight. With moisture and protein, it adds protection and softness, so hair is smoother and more snag-free. And the hidden styling support helps uplift, hold and shape.

Easily and instantly detangles curly hair.
Delivers strength and moisture.
Protects hair from environmental stress.
Defines and shapes the curl.
Resists humidity.

Give the bottle a good shake. Spray directly into towel dried hair and detangle using either a comb or your fingers.. now you will notice the moisturizing properties have added no extra weight to your sexy centre of attention!
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alt text If your curls are getting lazy, it''s time to inspire them with Curly Sexy Hair.
Enhance curls and get the bounce you crave with Curly Sexy Hair''s unique ingredients combinations, which provide flexible hold, maintain moisture and lock out humidity for soft, touchable hair.

This range will help shape and define curls, improve hair's manageability and help strengthen and support your curls.

Girls with natural curls are lucky - but it takes extra effort, and the right products, to style curly locks. Curly Sexy Hair is a hair-care brand with products specially formulated for curls. It's important to look for curl-specific products if your hair isn't straight because one wrong move and your locks will frizz faster than the ends of your hair can split. Choose the right products for your hair type, and you'll keep your bouncy locks in check and looking fab.
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