Denman - Pashana Hair Preparation

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Denman - Pashana Hair Preparation

Denman - Pashana Hair Preparation  
Pashana's original and exclusive formula now has added vitamin and minerals to strengthen and condition your hair.

Pashana's hair preperation is equally effective for men and women.

With regular use it will help strengthen and condition the hair and maintain a healthy scalp.

Should be used at least once a day.
First gently massage the scalp with the fingertips moving the scalp over the scull gently but firmly, this brings the blood supply to the hair roots, then apply Pashana to the whole scalp, sufficient to moisten but not saturate the whole head, gently massage the lotion into the scalp until absorbed, for best results this should be done morning and night, but never less than once a day, a few minutes spent daily on your treatment can only result in a healthy head of hair.
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