Framesi MORPHOSIS Balance Shampoo

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Framesi MORPHOSIS Balance Shampoo

Framesi MORPHOSIS Balance Shampoo  
Gentle organic lemon extracts rebalance the hydro-lipid barrier and rid the scalp of excess grease.

When the production of sebum is excessive, the skin appears oily, impure and easily irritated, and the hair becomes heavy and without volume.

It is necessary to cleanse oily skin in a specific but gentle way.

Ideal for all hair types, it leaves hair soft, moisturised, untangled, light and full of volume.

* Controls sebum production
* Re-balances the hydro-lipid barrier
* Deodorizes and refreshes irritable skin with Menthol
* Tones and moisturises your hair
* Organic Lemon Extract: soothing, antiseptic and stimulating cell turnover: purifies the skin thanks to its well-known astringent properties.

Apply Morphosis Balance Shampoo on wet hair.
Use your fingertips and massage with smooth movements over your scalp so sebum and dead cells are removed and spread the shampoo well.
Then rinse thoroughly.
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The only treatment line capable of providing a total well-being experience. Because, when our hair is in good condition, we rediscover the pleasure of feeling fully self-confident.
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