Framesi MORPHOSIS Purifying Shampoo

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Framesi MORPHOSIS Purifying Shampoo

Framesi MORPHOSIS Purifying Shampoo  
Orange extracts eliminate and prevent the re-appearance of micro-organisms that cause dandruff.

Among the hair's flaws, dandruff is the worst because, in addition to causing itching and irritation, it is visible.
It needs constant but not aggressive care in order to cleanse the skin from the residues hindering oxygenation.

Specific anti dandruff cleanser.

It eliminates dandruff gently, respects the skin's hydro-lipid film, soothes itches quickly and makes all hair soft, easy to comb and well conditioned.

* Stops peeling
* Calms irritations
* Moisturises and makes the skin elastic
* Frees the hair from heaviness and electrostatic effects

Apply a small amount of the Purifying Shampoo.
Divide the shampoo onto wet hair.
Massage well.
Thoroughly rinse.
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The only treatment line capable of providing a total well-being experience. Because, when our hair is in good condition, we rediscover the pleasure of feeling fully self-confident.
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