Framesi MORPHOSIS Scalp Exfoliate

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Framesi MORPHOSIS Scalp Exfoliate

Framesi MORPHOSIS Scalp Exfoliate  
Scalp exfoliator and refresher, rebalances the activity of sebaceous glands without traumas and prolongs the feeling of cleanliness by eliminating seborrhea and dandruff.

Exfoliating cream with jojoba beads.

It removes sebum deposits, dandruff, dead skin cells and fixative products by stimulating surface blood circulation and preparing the skin for Morphosis treatments.

The feeling of having an impure skin, an annoying itch and "heavy" hair are the consequences of seborrhea and dandruff.

* Thoroughly removes sebum and dandruff deposits
* Soothes itches
* Ensures long-lasting hair cleanliness

Apply Morphosis Scalp Exfoliate over wet unwashed hair.
Massage the circular over the entire scalp.
Leave on for 5 minutes.
Thoroughly rinse.
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The only treatment line capable of providing a total well-being experience. Because, when our hair is in good condition, we rediscover the pleasure of feeling fully self-confident.
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