Framesi MORPHOSIS Color Protect Conditioner

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Framesi MORPHOSIS Color Protect Conditioner

Framesi MORPHOSIS Color Protect Conditioner  
Conditioner for normal or fine coloured hair.

It gives brilliance, silkiness and softness by protecting the color and preventing its fading. It protects the hair from the stress of hairdryer and hair straightener drying.

It helps prevent cosmetic color's deterioration by giving the hair a more brilliant look.
Cosmetic color is nice when it is shiny and intense.

With anti-fading corallina officinalis, it helps prevent color deterioration caused by the aggression of sun, heat and smog by hydrating and protecting the hair.
In order to keep it bright, it needs to be protected by specific products, gentle with coloring molecules and strong against external aggressions.

* Specifically treats colored hair
* Maintains brilliance and softness
* Extends color life by protecting it from light and heat

Apply Morphosis Color Protect Conditionerto towel dried hair.
Then divide it evenly over the hair and let it rest for 5 minutes.
Finally, rinse thoroughly.
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The only treatment line capable of providing a total well-being experience. Because, when our hair is in good condition, we rediscover the pleasure of feeling fully self-confident.
product shown: Framesi MORPHOSIS Color Protect Conditioner