Framesi MORPHOSIS Repair Conditioner

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Framesi MORPHOSIS Repair Conditioner

Framesi MORPHOSIS Repair Conditioner  
Conditioner for fine or normal hair.

* It does not make hair heavier and makes damaged hair able to be combed again.
* Ideal to re-condition and protect after bleaching, straightening and permanent waving.

With sunflower oil, it restructures damaged hair thanks to super moisturising formulas composed of the finest ingredients.
When the hair is dry, opaque and porous, its first need is the thorough repair of its deep structure and surface.
The optimal result is obtained by means of a treatment providing reviving substances that cling to the hair and restore it to its natural flexibility and brilliance.

* Repairs exhausted and damaged hair
* Rehydrates dry hair
* Polishes opaque hair
* Softens, untangles, protects

Massage Morphosis Repair Conditioner gently into the hair.
Allow the conditioner to soak into the hair (5 minutes).
Rinse well.
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The only treatment line capable of providing a total well-being experience. Because, when our hair is in good condition, we rediscover the pleasure of feeling fully self-confident.
product shown: Framesi MORPHOSIS Repair Conditioner