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Hair Care Articles

Joico Hair Products - Even since the introduction of hair care industry, Joico has come up on the scene with novel and interesting ideas to give fantastic touch to hairstyles utterly unique from its competitors thus proliferating throughout the market. Read More >>

Combat Frizzy HairHow to Combat Frizzy Hair - For hair to be in tiptop condition it has to have a moisture (water) content of at least 8%, and the right balance of protein and natural oil. Most of us produce enough natural oil (sebum), to keep our hair healthy, but lack the moisture. Read More >>

Information about Dandruff - Dandruff is the most common condition affecting the scalp. Skin is constantly renewing itself and dead cells from the scalp fall off as new cells form beneath them. Read More >>

How to Enhance Curly Hair - Beautiful natural looking curls are sexy and alluring, playful and romantic. From a relaxed wave to kinky spirals, women pay lots of money to emulate this look. The only time it isn`t desired is when your blessed with them naturally. There all sorts of products on the market to tame curls, reduce frizz, and maintain control. Read More >>

All About Dry Hair - If you are to get the best possible results from your hair care routine, you need to choose the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Read More >>

Fuller HairHow to Achieve Thicker, Fuller Hair - One of the biggest problems that we hear associated with long hair is the fact that it simply hangs there. What women want is long, smooth hair, but with just enough volume to look full and luxurious. Read More >>

How to Maintain Hair Colour - Colour enhancing shampoos and conditioners are the latest generation of hair care products that promise to keep your hair shiny, healthy, manageable and free of grey hairs and dull colour. The hair care industry has managed to create products that not only take care of our hair but keep it looking its best. But how do these products work and are they worth buying? Read More >>

Hair Loss and Thinning Hair - For millions of people world-wide, everyday is a bad hair day due to the problem of thinning hair or baldness. Discussing hair loss with a doctor is an important first step. There are a number of treatments available these days that make hair loss or thinning hair easier to live with. Read More >>

How Does Aging Affect Your Hair? - The changing colour of our hair is the most obvious sign of aging. As we get older our hair begins to produce less melanin, the same melanin that gives our skin its colour. This causes our hair to become grey. Read More >>

How to Use a Hair Straightening IronGreasy Hair Information and Advice - Greasy hair can look oily and dull, and have a lank and lifeless appearance. It can look flat and heavy, and it never seems to stay clean and fresh. It takes on a stringy appearance within a few hours of shampooing and refuses to stay full and fluffy. Does this describe your hair? Read More >>

Male Shaving & Grooming Information and Advice - Banish your bar of soap to the bin and invest in a good and gentle facial cleanser tailored for your skin type. Find out about your skin type. Using an ordinary bar of soap on your face exposes your skin to harsh ingredients that just excel in dehydrating your complexion by stripping away your skins natural moisture. Also using soap on your face can lead to irritation when shaving and can cause you to breakout in spots. Read More >>

How to Use a Hair Straightening Iron - Straightening irons today are safe and gentle on your hair and can be used not only to straighten, but also to make quick curls and flips. Like any tool, the key is in knowing how to use it. Read More >>

How to Use a Hair Curling Iron - Using a curling iron can be a quick and easy way to create lovely locks, it can also be difficult and damaging to hair if they are not used properly. Here are some suggestions on selecting the correct hair curling iron for your hair and how to use your curling iron most effectively to get the gorgeous curls you want. Read More >>

How to Use Hair Rollers - Maybe youve tried using hot rollers to get the sexy curls you have seen on your favourite celebrity and it didnt turn out like you thought. So now youre wondering where did you go wrong? Read More >>

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