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Items to Clear Balmain Conditioner

Items to Clear Balmain Conditioner  
For human hair and extensions.

Hair with extensions needs a little extra nourishment and the new Balmain range of Hair Care products has been specially developed to give the extra nourishment required whilst keeping the natural hair in perfect condition.

Nourishes and restores hair to its natural moisture balance, enriched with 'Green Tea' extracts. Detangles, smoothes, gives protection and shine and makes it easy to brush.

All hair needs conditioning whether natural or extensions.

Apply the Balmain Conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, do not apply to scalp or bonds, gently massage, distributing the conditioner thoroughly. You can brush the ends using your soft bristle brush. This will help ensure every hair is coated thoroughly with conditioner.
You should leave the conditioning treatment on for a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Once conditioned, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

For best results, use in conjunction with Balmain Shampoo.
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