Joico Style & Finish - JoiShape

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Joico Style & Finish - JoiShape

Joico Style & Finish - JoiShape  
Medium hold, flexible working & finishing aerosol spray.

To style: Spray sparingly onto the hair and comb or brush into desired style.

To finish: Hold the can 20 to 30 cm from hair and spray liberally to finished style.

* Eliminates frizz & shields against environmental stress.
* Can be easily brushed through the hair.
* Excellent control and volume for styling ease.
* Will not flake or build up.

End result:
* Beautiful, flexible hold hairstyle with an outstanding shine throughout the day.

Recommended for:
* Medium hold for all hair types

NOTE: Only 2 aerosols per UK order due to UK postal restrictions.
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product shown: Joico Style & Finish - JoiShape