Knotty Boy Dread Comb - Plastic

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Knotty Boy Dread Comb - Plastic

Knotty Boy Dread Comb - Plastic  
Professional Teasing Combs!!

These heavy-duty plastic teasing combs feature two different thicknesses of teeth, one side for thicker hair and locks, and the other side for finer hair and skinnier locks.

Perfect for getting them dreadies nice and tight from the get-go!
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alt textContrary to popular belief, dreadlocks ARE NOT stinky or smelly unless you are putting something weird in there or not taking care of them properly. Many people who choose to let their hair dread without the use of a product to speed this long process up, will stop washing their hair because they feel that the natural oils are good for starting dreads. This is a fallacy. Oil lubricates and conditions hair, making it more difficult for knots to form - and oily build-up will also begin to smell over time. Washing the hair and stripping these oils out will make dreads form faster because knots form more easily, in fact, in dry, clean, un-conditioned hair!
product shown: Knotty Boy Dread Comb - Plastic