Lanza Healing Style - Mega Gel

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Lanza Healing Style - Mega Gel

Lanza Healing Style - Mega Gel  
Constructs and sustains style. Adds body and movement.

* Multi-purpose styling gel with strong hold.

* Alcohol-free formula stays flexible; won't crack or flake.

* Thermal Protection: up to 500°F / 260°C

Apply to damp hair. Blow dry, or sculpt into place and air dry.

For a wet look, apply to damp hair, comb and go.

RRP: £15.50
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Healing Style formulations contain a brilliant blend of advanced technology and natural ingredients to create and maintain fashionable hair designs. Keratin Healing System improves styling control and hold. colour Preservers provide longer-lasting haircolour. UVA / UVB / UVC Protectors prevent sun damage, while Thermal Guard saves hair from extreme heat. Rainforest Botanicals naturally deliver shine and hold. Hairstyles are guaranteed to last longer.
product shown: Lanza Healing Style - Mega Gel