Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion

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Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion

Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion  
According to the Professional Beauty Association Beauty Survey, 84% of women want more shine, while 62% want less frizz. Now, Healing Smooth can deliver both!

- Temporarily calms curls and waves without the use of chemical straighteners or relaxers.
- Healing the hair to blocks out humidity.
- Controls frizz and makes hair smooth, shiny and manageable.

* Protein-rich treatment
* Post-clarifying treatment
* A MUST after any clarifying or chelating procedure to fortify hair with Keratin
* Works fast – leave on for 1 minute!
* Key ingredient: Super-Fortifying Keratin Beads

RRP: £25.75
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Hard water minerals, product build-up, embedded metals, chemicals, smoke and pollutants all build up in hair and all of this needs cleansing out of the hair. L''ANZA has developed a breakthrough hair purifying system to gently cleanse the hair and replenish it with essential Keratin proteins to dramatically improve strength, smoothness and shine.
product shown: Lanza Healing Pure Keratin Infusion