Loreal TecNiArt FIX - Anti-Frizz Spray

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Loreal TecNiArt FIX - Anti-Frizz Spray

Loreal TecNiArt FIX - Anti-Frizz Spray  
Anti-humidity fixing spray.
A unique 24 hour anti-frizz firm hold spray. Smooth and controlled hair from the very first application!

Expected result:
Protects hairstyles for up to 24 hours when in contact with humidity.

For hair that has a tendency to go frizzy in humidity: naturally curly hair, sensitised (coloured, highlighted, permed), or naturally dry hair.

Use: Apply as a final touch to dry or slightly damp hair.
To add more volume, spray at the roots.
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alt textThe new tecni.art range is flexible, weightless and innovative to achieve the results you want while it cares for and respects your hair. New tecni.art is about working with the biggest names in hairdressing and the biggest names in fashion to deliver weightless styling that is purely professional.

Fashion and styling are inextricably linked, the style of the hair re-enforcing and complementing the overall image. Because fashion changes so quickly, styling products need to be equally responsive, using high technology to give you the look you want. L''Oréal Professionnel gives you these high performance tools.
tecni.art: the choice of session stylists, using cutting edge technology from the L''Oréal Professionnel labs. Fashion and art converge.
product shown: Loreal TecNiArt FIX - Anti-Frizz Spray