Loreal TecNiArt Fix Anti-frizz

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Loreal TecNiArt Fix Anti-frizz

Loreal TecNiArt Fix Anti-frizz  
Up to 24-hour anti-humidity, anti-frizz protection spray with long-lasting hold and a natural-looking shiny finish.

* Strong hold, anti-humidity fixing spray.
* Ionic neutralising system, hi-shine resolution complex and UV filters.
* Easy to brush out, with no visible residue.
* Ionic neutralising system acts to neutralise excess positive charges with an anionic spray.
* The anionic formula acts like an anti-static “shield” for long-lasting anti-frizz protection, even in humid conditions.
* Shine and hold polymers support the style with an extra strong hold and shine effect.
* Protection from sun exposure.

How to use:
Spray over dry hair for instant long-lasting hold and anti-frizz protection. Perfect for hair types that have a tendency to regain frizz in humid environments.
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