Straight Sexy Hair Leave in Conditioner

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Straight Sexy Hair Leave in Conditioner

Straight Sexy Hair Leave in Conditioner  
What it does: This lightweight conditioner is formulated with soft-styling ingredients which help relax and smooth hair.

* Straightens fine to medium hair
* Protects against heat styling damage
* Humidity resistant

Special ingredients: Grape Seed Oil

Tips: Spray on towel-dried hair and comb through. Spray more depending on thickness/coarseness of hair.
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Straight Sexy Hair is more than a straightening system, this collection of hair products has revolutionary styling infused formulations with the finest ingredients to nourish, protect and smooth hair. Straight Sexy Hair delivers a unique smoothing application from scalp to ends. Advanced technologies combing styling-infused agents and nourishing conditioning ingredients, help to smooth the cuticle, control frizz, add shine, and softness. Getting all-day straight, humidity-resistant hair is faster and easier than ever before!
product shown: Straight Sexy Hair Leave in Conditioner