Knotty Boy Styling Products A Dreading Latch Hook

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Knotty Boy A Dreading Latch Hook

Knotty Boy A Dreading Latch Hook  
With dreadlocks, as hair grows out, the new growth is unlocked. Over time, the new growth may lock on its own, but it may do so independent of the individual dreads, creating a tangled, matted mess.

In order to keep dreads neat, it's necessary to incorporate the new growth and loose hairs into the dreads. Some methods, like twisting, are time-consuming and require styling products that can build up and leave residue on the locks.

Latch-hooking is a popular way to incorporate the new growth into the locks because it requires no product and stays in place even after many washings. Latch-hooking takes some practice to master, but it will significantly reduce maintenance time and keep dreads looking neater, longer.

The tool can be pushed into the dread lengthwise through an inch or two of dread. The hook should end up beside the loose hair. Then pass the loose hair through the hook (open the latch), close the latch, and pull the loose strands deep inside the dread. Open latch again and release hair.
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